Ops-Talks #02 - AVRO

📢 Special thanks to our speaker: Karim Lamouri

1.1 Avro - What is it ?

  • Avro is used for serialization and deserialization of payloads
  • More compact than JSON
  • Is a container file - It has both the schema and the payload
  • Allows RPC calls
  • Fast serialization and smaller than JSON (do not repeat all the JSON keys as the schema is at the top of the file)
  • Allows schema documentation
  • Format easy to leverage on Spark or ETL pipelines

You can always deserialize an AVRO file as the schema is embedded in the file itself !

Ops-Talks #01 - Terraform

1.1 Terraform state

Terragrunt repository layout dictates where its corresponding terraform tfstate file will be stored. Moving an existing component folder should result in moving it’s states along to the corresponding path in S3.

  • The main terragrunt.hcl file under the root of the repo uses a dynamic variable lookups to determine aws_region / product_name / account_name